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8 Limavady Road
Northern Ireland
Tel: 0044 (0)28 7134 6104

Cullens Funfair

About Cullens Funfair

Cullen's! A name which everyone around the country, from near and far know as that funfair! Meaning the big one, the one that was here last year, with all those mega rides, you know the ones.

You have heard of us, you have seen us, now here's your chance to find out about us.

Cullen's is a well established family run business which dates back to 1860 or before.

Starting off with as little as swing boats a few stalls and a dodgem track, the business has now become the largest travelling fair in Ireland.

With over ten main theme rides and a selection of kiddies rides to a large variety of novelty stalls. All our rides are ultra modern, and give enjoyment to all the family, young and old.

Our business operates to the highest standard with a team of professionals. To run a funfair of this scale we have a large work force made up of 15 family members and employees of up to 12 people.

As well as erecting and the dismantling of all the rides, each of the family members take up other jobs such as public relations, electrical maintenance and attending all council meetings keeping up with all the latest in safety changes.

We provide a fun felt experience with a fully trained staff which is there to take care of you on your visit to our funfair.

People come to the fair on opening night and experience a fun time, but not really seeing all the work which has been put into what they see. It takes over two and a half days to put together a mass of crazy looking metal machines weighing 100,000 tonnes creating an amazing array of funfair rides, all in themselves uniquely different .

We can cater for all occasions, such as private parties, festivals and gala occasions. With everything from one day to ten day events, there is no event too small or too large, no town too far, if you want it we can provide it.

Cullen's are Ireland's number one master showmen.